1:46 Watch Repair & Designer Collective

1:46 Watch Repair & Designer Collective is a unique pairing of trades by husband/wife team Leo De La Cruz and Lisa Fortin, who live behind the shop in a garden apartment with their two small daughters.

Leo has been tinkering with watches for most of his life, and took over the family business in Ridgewood NY in 1997. His first exposure, however, was as a child in the Dominican Republic where he'd sit under his father's work bench taking timepieces apart and putting them back together. Marcelino taught the trade to both of his sons, and Leo has now begun to pass the knowledge to his nephew, Hansel.

Lisa has an extensive background in graphic and costume design, but has put her creative energies into the jewelry and accessories line Steel Couture since 2001. She uses labor-intensive techniques to create an edgy, trendsetting vision. Along with her own work, 1:46 features a dozen local designers of distinctive talent, showcasing wares ranging from jewelry and accessories to leather goods and custom clocks.

1:46 opened it's doors in the summer of 2007, a unique venue where watches are serviced and emerging designers are debuted. And though Williamsburg offers up many objects d'art, repeat customers say that here they find some of the best. Pair that with the best watchmaker in town and you've got more than one reason to stop in.